Using Mind/Body language

We have been using language all the time that reflects how the mind and body are connected.  So, it is with your pain.  We don’t realized the connections until they are pointed out to us.  

Some examples:

“They are a pain in the ass.”

“They are a pain in the neck.”

“I was scare shitless.”

“The will shit a brick when the find out.”

“pissed off.”

“I was getting cold feet.” (fear, SNS kicking in)

“I was sick about this.”

“sick to my stomach.”

“I can’t stomach this.”

“made my skin crawl.”

“It my hair stand on end.”

“It was a enough to curl your hair.”

“It was enough to straighten your hair.”

“I am tired of this.” (tired emotionally and/or physically)

“We stood still in our tracks.”

“They were like a deer in the headlights.”

“I feel spacy.”

“lighten up.”

“It was heavy.”

“It hit us like a ton of bricks.” (we can really feel heavy or lighter depending on our mood) “Frazzled” (muscle/emotional)

“I was a bundle of nerves.”

“lump in my throat.”

“We got choked up.”

“he is tied up at the moment.” (metaphor of tied up, but also could be muscular, stomach.)

“my stomach was in knots.”

“I am fed up with this.”

“This is eating me up.” (funny both the last two expressions seem to be saying something similar, but actually going opposite directions)

“I stretched myself too thin.”

“They are thin skinned.”

“They are spineless.”

“simmering mad.” (the role of heat with anger)

“Take a chill pill.”

“Cool down.”

“The conversation got heated.”

“It threw us for a loop.” (vestibular response, dizziness)

“I have had it up to here.” (person point to their neck, relates with holding on to stuff)

“The news hit us hard.”

“I was white knuckling it during my 5 months of sobriety.” (holding on vs letting go)

“They are so anal.”

“I feel shaky.” (could be a blood sugar, but also stress and nerves.)

“They are pretty jumpy.”

“That experience wasn’t for the faint of heart.”

“We were shocked when we heard the news.”

“They have the weight of the world on their shoulders.”

“Loosen up.”

“Being hard on one’s self.”

The point of this list is to help us understand how we are always experiencing our world in a mind/body way. If I get great news, I experience this physically/emotionally. I start to hear this in everyday speech. Feel free to add to the list. What is interesting is that we all accept some mind/body experiences. Pediatricians will readily accept stomach aches in children as psychological, but in adults they are more likely to run and do a test first, not that it isn’t needed, but they don’t typically run and do tests on children as quickly, but ask about their emotional life.


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